Ponds , Rockeries and Water features


Theres nothing like flowing water to calm the mind.Ponds and Water Features don’t have to be big to bring energy into a garden.Be it raised or sunk,natural or contemporary give us a call if your planning on adding the element of water into your project.

Check out the Faux Rock on the Bespoke page,This technique of carving coloured cement can be used to create real looking waterfalls that just cant be done by placing bolders and rocks in a rockery!!!!

Hire the experts

At Hardscapes we stand by the fact that you wont get a better job . All of our work is fully guarenteed for 10 years and in the unlikely event that anything should ever go wrong we are just a phone call away.



SteveĀ 07743677383

MattĀ 07474323509




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