Price Promise , Guarantee and Testimonials

Price Promise

With our Price Promise we Guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quotaion.


With so many “cowboys” out there, real Guarantees are hard to come by. But we stand by our personal standards and our Guarantee.After all good reputations are hard to come by and your recommendation is important to us.

All of our work comes with a full 10 year Guarantee, and in the unlikely event that something should go wrong we are just a phone call away.


Here are some Testimonials from a few of our happy customers:

heres a video uploaded by Colin in Whetstone,

Gordon in Freezywater :

“We couldn’t be happier with the lads.They were lots of help with the design,they were in and out in no time and we’re thrilled with the end result… Highly Recommended”

price promise

John in Finchley :

“When i moved into my new house i knew i wanted something special in the garden. Steve and Matt made it happen and at a good price, all my friends love it and i find myself out there all the time.”

landscaping experts

Steve from Thames Roofing & Paving supplies :

“Hardscapes layed the sample slabs at Thames and i’ve had them work in my garden too. Whenever any of our customers ask about fitters we give them  the guys leaflet and I’ve only ever heard good things”


Mark property developer in Oakwood :

“I got Steve and Matt involved relatively late on in the build at Oakwood. I needed the properties rentable as quickly as possible.They got the front and back looking great in 2 weeks and didn’t cut corners. I’d definately use the guys again and thoroughly recommend them”

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